Episode 18: Why Spirituality is Good for Business


Spirituality is anything that affects our human soul or spirit; it does not focus on material objects. Being spiritual is not inherently religious either. Although some people do seek spirituality in religion, a person can be spiritual in non-religious ways such as practicing meditation, personal reflection in writing, being in nature, being grateful, showing compassion and more.

How can spirituality benefit us as  human beings in general?

1. It’s good for your over-all health

A recent study by the American Cancer Society states that patients with religious or spiritual practices have better health, more energy for daily tasks, and fewer symptoms during treatments.

2. Spirituality improves mental health 

A study conducted by the American Journal of Psychology found that people with a spiritual practice of some kind reduced their depression by 75% over the ten-year study period.

3. Spiritual beliefs generate gratitude

Psychology Today states that gratitude increases positive feelings such as optimism and generosity, while also increasing energy. Spirituality encourages us to be positive, which in turn also helps mental health. One simple way to be more grateful in your life is to write what you are grateful for each day in a gratitude journal.

4. Spirituality makes us more compassionate 

Living a spiritual life helps us be more compassionate and empathetic towards others. Spirituality increases pro-social emotions, which helps us connect to those around us in positive and loving ways.

5. Spiritual people self-actualize

Spiritual individuals strive toward a better life and consider personal growth and fulfillment a central goal. Spirituality can be considered to be a path toward self-actualization, because it requires people to focus on their internal values and work on becoming a better individual.

How can spirituality help entrepreneurship? What are the benefits of being spiritual as an entrepreneur?

  • Entrepreneurship lives in the idea of a successful outcome that has not happened yet.  How does one acquire that faith? Being spiritual helps entrepreneurs to have the faith and the conviction that their hard work and effort will result in reaching their goals and living their dreams.
  • Spirituality inspires good leadership.  Self-awareness is key to the success of an entrepreneur and a leader.  Even as a solopreneur, your leadership comes through in all that you do; the business decisions that you make, how you engage with your partners and your customers.
  •  Spirituality or being conscious encourages being the silent observer of thoughts and emotions in yourself and in others without any bias or judgment.   As a successful entrepreneur it’s extremely important to remain calm and in control and to not let your emotions take over.
  •  As a mindful – spiritual entrepreneur, you’ll be able to harness more brain power by practicing meditation and being present which will give your brain the opportunity to gain clarity and increase creativity.
  • Spiritual practices such as prayer, meditation, gratitude, living with intention can help entrepreneurs to stay grounded and be humble when business is going well.  And it can give them the courage and faith to keep going when setbacks happen.
  • Spirituality can help to improve the quality of life and overall wellness of  entrepreneurs, creating important balance in life, business, self-care and care for the world.  Spirituality can be the thing that keeps you sane and well balanced as a successful entrepreneur… it can be the secret ingredient to your success recipe 

Let’s hear your thoughts, how do you practice spirituality and how’s it benefiting you?


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