Episode 27: Become Aware of Opportunities Around You



How do we become aware of opportunities around us?

There’re always opportunities that you can take advantage of.  But first you have to become aware of them.

Before you can identify an opportunity, you need to identify a GOAL.  Once you know what you’re trying to accomplish, then you’re able to become aware of opportunities around you that you can leverage to help you achieve your goal.

In this episode, I give examples of opportunities that you can take advantage of to support you in achieving your goals in different areas in your life.

You always want to know what you can offer that you can use to fill the gaps that exist in particular space.  Knowing this will give the advantage you need to leverage opportunities.

We are living in the golden age of self-marketing.  You can create exposure and position yourself however you choose to using the internet and social media.

As black entrepreneur, using your background and story can add value for your business.  As a result of the awareness created by the Black Lives Matter movement, organizations and companies are using black people as their marketing and promotional strategy.  You can see this by observing the print material and pictures being used by big corporations.

You also want to take advantage of this and market your business as black owned and use your black experience as part of your marketing strategy.  You can create opportunities for yourself and business using your story and black identity.

Here are Three simple steps that you can take to help you leverage your next opportunity:

Step 1: Identify a goal
Step 2: Identify that will help your with your goals
Step 3: Take your first action to move you towards that opportunity

If you find yourself hesitating and worrying about the results, shift your focus on the DOING not the results.

The magic is in the doing!

This’s how you’ll continue to progress and advance.  Every step will lead you to your next step.

Just do it! like Nike 🙂

Let me hear your takeaways!  What opportunities are you recognizing today? What first step will you take?


I’d love to hear from you! What opportunities are you becoming aware of today?

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