Episode 32: The Entrepreneurial Mindset



As an entrepreneur, your mindset is your biggest asset.  It can either make you, or break you.  Here are 8 essential mindsets for entrepreneurs.

Flexibility and adaptability

Your ability to pivot and adjust according to what works best for your business will help you sustain your business for long-term success.  Covid-19 is a very good example of businesses having to adopt to unexpected changes.  This is something that happens often and is key for entrepreneurs to have the mindset to be open and flexible adopting to changes.

Ability to find opportunities

Exploring new opportunities are what makes business grow and gain exposure.  As an entrepreneur, you want to recognize opportunities where others don’t. Your  opportunity radar has to be on all the time. This mindset will help you tap into exciting and interesting ways to grow your business.

Critical thinking 

As you explore new opportunities, you want to apply your critical thinking to assess what makes sense for your business at this time.  Not all opportunities are good fit for you.  Your critical thinking mindset is what will help you assess each situation effectively.

Effective communication

Is a priority for entrepreneurs. This is a skill that you’ll need to invest in developing and polishing.  Your communication skills will help you address your target market, establish relationships with your partners and make sales consistently.

Being comfortable with risk

As an entrepreneur your tolerance to risk has to be above average.  This is because you are doing things that may have not have been done before and that requires taking a risk and trusting it will work.  The more you engage with this mindset, the more you build your courage and confidence in your ability to assess risks and make decisions accordingly.

Creativity and innovation

This’s your bread and butter as an entrepreneur.  You’ll have to come-up with creative and innovative ways to your business.  Your creative mindset will help you set yourself apart from the competition and create opportunities.

Initiative and self reliance 

As an entrepreneur you’ll have to take initiative and rely on yourself to get the job done without any excuses.  You’ll have to wear different hats and doing what needs to be done to keep your business moving forward.

Optimistic view of the future 

Your outlook about the future should be positive and optimistic. You want to create the ideal vision of your business in the future and let that be your guiding compass.  This mindset will help you sand aligning yourself

Listen to this episode to learn more about these mindset shifts that are crucial to your success as an entrepreneur.

Love to hear from you! Which one of the discussed mindsets do you feel comes natural to you? Which ones do you need to work on?

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