Episode 10: Living the Dream – Sadie and The Bee





In this episode I had the pleasure of chatting with Sadia Abdullahi.  Her business is called Sadie and the Bee Honey Company. She sells pure–natural-organic honey which she harvests herself from her bee farm as well as other natural products.

Her passion for beekeeping comes from a deep caring and concern for the fragility of the Honeybee population and the immense respect for their collectivist structure.  She talks about her journey on how she started her business and how it came from a personal need to go back to nature to find peace and balance.

Sadia brings many years of experience as a social worker and community worker in Ottawa. Sadia worked closely with children, youth, and their families developing programs supporting youth, especially Black girls, to build confidence, develop talent and pursue their dreams.

The many skills she has learned from the hive and beekeeping are also the same skills she applies in her work as a social worker.  Her dream is to one day start a private practice that incorporates beekeeping as a means to support mental health and promote wellness.  When I look at Sadia, she represents black excellence – young, educated, proud of her culture and background with deep care for the community and the environment.

Now I’d love to hear from you! What are you taking away from this episode? What steps are you taking to living your dream?


Somali Lingo:                                                                                “
“Heblaayo” Means “So-and-so”
“Eeb culture” Means “Shame culture”

Connect with Sadia:
Instagram: @sadieandthebeehoneyco
Email: sadieandthebeehoneycompany@gmail.com


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