Episode 39: Living the Dream – Yasmen Abd Al-Ahad


In this episode, I had the pleasure of interviewing Yasmen Abd Al-Ahad.

Yasmen is serial entrepreneur specializing in sales and customer service, in addition she’s hosts a weekly radio show, has a youtube channel and facilitates online events.  In addition, Yasmen holds a law degree, she’s a mother of three and a wife.  How does she do it all? What keeps her going?

It turns out that Yasmen loves working in a fast passed, ever-changing, environments.  She gets excited about being involved in multiple projects.

Yasmen is a Muslim, Hijabi , black woman living in Jamaica.  She’s involved in the media and lifestyle world sharing her prospective as a Muslim woman living in Jamiaca.  Naturally I was drawn to her and I wanted to know more.  So I reached out, introduced myself and invited her to join me on the podcast, and here we are!

Connect with Yasmen:


I’d love to hear from you! What are you taking-away from Yasmen’s journey?

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