Episode 5: Living The Dream – Siti Fashion House



I had the pleasure of chatting with Ikram, the owner of the Siti Fashion HouseI was inspired by Ikram’s story and how passionate she is about her business vision and mission.  She shared practical tips that helped her in her entrepreneurial journey.

Ikram spent years perfecting her signature headwrap technique. As a newbie in the headwrap biz, she takes the – less is more –  approach, which keeps her clients looking stylish, vibrant and beautiful.  Siti Fashion House sells authentic African material made  in Ghana, Kenya, Ivory coast, and Rwanda.  Siti Fashion House offers in-house one-on-one headwrap tutorials, as well as  in a group settings. The name Siti is from Egyptian origin, which means “lady”.

Ikram shared that embracing and empowering women are the main goals of Siti Fashion House. She urged aspiring entrepreneurs to not be discouraged and start creating their busines.   She told us to  “Find what makes you different and run with it!”.

Here is how you can connect with Siti Fashion House

Now I’d love to hear from you! What steps are you taking to living your dream?

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