Episode 31: Living the Dream – Patrice Lindo


In this episode, I had the pleasure of chatting with Patrice Lindo, the creator and CEO Career Nomad,  Patrice has over a decade of diverse experience empowering women of color. Through focused and purposeful coaching, she fast-tracks their career progress by helping them learn to effectively navigate and leverage the dynamics of White corporate spaces.

Patrice is driven by a need to fill a professional void that has often made meaningful career progress inaccessible for women of color.  She’s here to provide ambitious women with the strategic resources and social capital they need to create substantial progress in their career.
Having triumphed over these obstacles and institutional barriers myself,

We talked about her journey from a university drop-out to becoming a sought after consultant in the big four consulting firms Patrice now successfully coaches and guides the next generation of aspiring women of color towards influential management and leadership roles.

In this episode, you will hear Patrice’s infectious energy coming through…she’s a whole mood!

Here’s how you can get in touch with her:

I’d love to hear your insight! what are your takeaways from this episode?

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