Episode 55: When You Launch and No One is Buying



We’ve all been there!

You get excited about your product or program launch, you put it together, start promoting it and then you eagerly launch expecting the sales to come in…..then nothing happens!

You give it some time – do more marketing – Still nothing happens!

This’s one of the biggest reasons why entrepreneurs feel defeated and decide to quit!

Before you quit, consider the following:

  • Who did you create this product or service for? Yourself or your target market?  Sometimes we get great ideas that we fall in love with, but we forget that we should be falling in love with our target market not our products.  So ask yourself is this something that my target market wants, needs and will appreciate?
  •  Is the timing right? Depending on the product/service and your target market, timing might be an issue.  If you are launching a program for mom’s don’t do it during the Summer when the kids are home.  So timing might be a factor you need to consider because if you do everything right and the timing is wrong, you won’t sell.
  • Are you pricing right? This is perhaps the simplest, but also the trickiest part of a product launch.   A high price tag item which has other alternative products with competitively low prices can cause the launch to fail. Consumer demand and the value placed on the demand along with supply should dictate price.
  • Did you take enough time to market and prepare for the launch? Getting your customers attention takes intention, time, and planning and effort.  You want to make sure all your marketing channels are optimized for the launch.  The timeline for your campaign execution should be well thought out and planned well.  You should also consider working with affiliate partners to help with the launch. You want to take your time and consider everything to make sure your message is reaching your target market and facilitating sales.
  • Do you have the right technology and system in place for the launch? Nobody has the patience to deal with system crashes when trying to purchase something when there are many other options available. You want to have enough time to do a soft launch so you can test your systems and procedures before you launch officially.  This extra can save you a lot of headache and lost un-happy customers.
  • Did you include Testimonials?  and social proof from you past clients/customers? This can give reluctant buyers the reassurance they need to make a purchase.  Video testimonials are effective way to demonstrate how this product or service have helped others and will do the same for you.

After you re-examine all this you can launch again.  It may happen that you will be able to hit your target second time around.  If not, do the process again and keep trying.

You want to fall in love with the process not just the results.  That way you will be adjusting and pivoting as long and as many times it takes.

The thing to remember is that, even when you don’t sell, you still gain so much value from the launch.

What you develop will be an asset that you can repurpose again and use it as an asset in your business.

You will be able to gain more visibility and grow your audience as a result of the launch.  The data you collect will get you closer to what your target market really wants and offer it to them.  Thus helping your business stay relevant and effective.

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