Episode 20: Manifest Your Magic


The first time I became aware of the Law of Attraction was when I realized that I was experiencing lack in many areas of my life.  I had no idea that I was causing myself to be in this circumstance to be this way.

I found myself in multiple side hustles, but still not financially independent.  I was still struggling to pay the bills and feeling exhausted! My quality of life was very poor, I had no time for myself and my kids.  I felt like I was running all the time but never reaching anywhere.

One day I was having a casual discussion with my daughters and we were discussing past events that happened, and my daughter Khadra, said to me, ”But you know mom, you allowed that to happen”.

At first, it was difficult to hear that, as no one wants believe that they allowed undesirable and painful circumstances to exist in their lives.  But once I got over myself and the hesitation to accept the truth in that statement, I realized that YES in fact, I did cause that situation to happen.  Without me allowing it, it would not exist! That was my wake-up call.

That was the day I discovered the tremendous power I have – we all have when we make a CHOICE and take responsibility for our lives.

Because of this shift, I was able to experience the LOA and Manifestation in my life.  Once I made the choice and I decided that I wanted – more joy, fulfilment and abundance out of life, instead of lack, stress and struggle – I saw my whole world align to support me in my decision

So what is the LOA? 

In the past, before I became aware of the LAO, whenever I heard of it, I would think this must be about romantic relationships and how to attract the right partner into your life.  And this might be your perception as well, but the LOA is at work in every area of our life, we just may not be aware of it.

LOA is one of the universal laws such as the Law of gravity.  Even though we can’t see it, it’s there working all the time!

The LOA is based on:

  1. Everything is in vibration
  2. Vibrations of similar frequencies are drawn together
  3. You have the ability to control your vibration and the condition of your life

What vibrates at the same frequency will be attracted to each other.

What’s Manifestation?

Dictionary Definition: To show something clearly, through signs or actions

“Manifesting is making everything you want to feel and experience a reality… via your thoughts, actions, beliefs, and emotions.”

– Angelina Lombardo, the author of A Spiritual Entrepreneur

What you think about all day is what you will manifest into your life.

This is why you hear people say – Same shit, different day!

Why do we continue to experience the same things continuously even though we so desperately despise it? – Because this is what we are thinking about all the time.

What if we thought about the things that we actually want to happen for us, instead?

Try this:

  • Pay attention to your thoughts without judgement
  • Notice negative thought patterns
  • Shift negative thoughts to more positive thoughts

For example:

If you notice a negative thought such as “I will never be a successful entrepreneur” change it to;

“I have the ambition, the drive and creativity to be a successful entrepreneur”.  As a result of this positive thought, you will notice your emotions become positive and uplifting – leading you to take positive and productive actions.  Thus BEING a successful entrepreneur.

What we focus on, we attract. If you foster negative thoughts, that’s energy that you’re putting out into the world. You’ll feel like you’re living under a cloud of negativity and despair.

But if you become aware of your negative thoughts and change them to positive – that’s positive energy you’re putting out into the world, you’ll attract positivity in return.

How does the LOA work?

The law of attraction is a metaphysical force similar to the force of gravity. Just as a gravitational pull exists between the sun and planets to hold them in continuous orbit, so does the law of attraction! it exists between a person’s beliefs and behaviours.

If you believe you are capable of achieving your dreams, you’re inspired to pursue those dreams and you will vibrate at that frequency, thus attracting everything you need to help you accomplish your desires.

But if you believe you’re incapable or unworthy of getting what you desire in life, then you will not change your vibrational frequency, thus vibrating at the same frequency and attracting and experiencing things all the time.

I saw my world shift when I created my vision board and allowed myself to manifest my ultimate desires.  As soon as I did that, I was AMAZED how my life started to change instantly.

I felt that I was vibrating at a different level! I was no longer consumed by thinking about survival, instead my thoughts became all about thriving and being boundless!

That’s how I discovered the LAO accidentally!

Because of that vision board, I created my company – The Boundless Mindset – Which BTW was inspired by the name I gave to that year – Boundless

Waking up every day to support the people I most care about, feeling inspired and fulfilled, living my life the way I choose to live – showing up BIG, BOLD and BOUNDLESS became possible!

As we welcome the new year, I challenge you to allow yourself to dream and desire the life that you want without hesitation, limitation or restrictions.

See yourself living your best life. What does success mean to you? Describe how you are feeling, your environment and those around you.

I’m super excited to share with you that I will be bringing back my popular workshop;  Manifest Your Magic this month.  Click on the Link for more info and to register:

Manifest Your Magic – 2021 Webinar

Now, I would love to hear from you!  What are you manifesting today?

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