Episode 26: Let’s Check in – How Are You?



I  want to check in with you today – How are you?

When we are asked the question: How are you?  We often respond without even giving it a second thought.  This’s because we know that it’s only customary, and we’re not really expect to give a real answer that reflects how we really feel.

But what if we tried to actually respond with a real and genuine answer when people ask us how we are doing –  What do you think will happen?

One of two things can happen; You might have the chance to connect with someone in a real and genuine way.  Giving both parties the opportunity to engage and share a meaningful moment.  OR You might get the side stare and the conversation will not go far.

Either way, you will benefit.  If the person engages with you, there’s the potential to  benefit from connecting with another human being. AND If not, you still pushed yourself to seek more out of your daily interactions –  There’s tremendous growth in that.

Regardless of accepting the challenge to engage with strangers in this way, It’s important to do regular check-ins with yourself and inquire – How you are doing? How you are feeling? And How you are being?

Throughout the day, certain things may happen that cause certain types of emotions and response from your part.  These emotions and responses could be positive or negative.  They can make us feel great or terrible.  If we don’t take the time to examine them without judgement, we run the risk of letting them run our lives.

You might find yourself feeling a certain way and behaving a certain way and have no clue why that’s happening.

When you create the time and space for this kind of reflection, you will be able to revisit some of the things that took place throughout the day and how you felt about them.  Giving yourself the opportunity to build awareness and deeper understanding of yourself.

As an entrepreneur, it’s key to increase yourself awareness so that your feelings and emotions are not getting in the way of your results.  Allowing yourself to self-reflect and increase your self-understanding will help you to be consistently moving forward, and showing up ready to do what it takes to succeed.

Make a decision to create time and space to have regular reflections in your life.  This will help you to  increase your self-awareness, your self-acceptance and become in-tune with how you are Doing, Feeling and Being.

Now I’d love to hear from you! How are you creating time and space for self-reflection in your life?

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