Episode 3: When Feeling Scared is a Good Thing In Business


In the first episode, we talked about how fear is holding you back from starting your business.  in this episode. we’re talking about when being afraid can also be a good thing.

You’re probably wondering how being afraid is EVER a good thing?

Let’s look at some of the ways fear can be helpful for your personal and business development:

Fear Can Be a Motivating Source

 Fear keeps us safe and out of harm.  But your body doesn’t know the difference between when you are in a real physical danger versus when you’re about to do something out of your comfort zone, such as giving a presentation.  Your body reacts in the same way.

Every time you feel fear and you’re not in physical danger, remind yourself; you’re feeling this way because you’re about to do something significant and out of your norm. Everything is OK.

Being fearful of making the leap to starting your online business is understandable.  It means that this is a significant move and the stakes are high.  Overcoming your fear and taking action will mean a great accomplishment for you.  Use this as a motivation to push yourself to the next level.

Fear is telling you that you are leveling-up!

Fear Can Show You What Needs Attention

Fear can show-up to tell you things that you’ve been neglecting, avoiding, or have some insecurity around.  Use fear as an indicator to show you areas in your life that need some attention.

Next time you detect fear in your body, do the following:

  • Take time to become aware and observe without judgment
  • Inquire about the thoughts that triggered the fear-based feeling
  • Ask yourself what’s the root cause of the fear

Taking these simple steps will give you some insight into the root causes of your fears. Consequently, you’ll learn to understand and validate your fear instead of running away and avoiding them.

Think of fear as that friend who gives you some tough love to motivate you.

 Use Fear To Gain Courage

Every time you push yourself to overcome your fear, you build courage.

The more you do this the more confident you get at getting passed your fears.

It’s beneficial to keep making small improvements in your process of mastering fear. Over time the steps for conquering fear will be ingrained on your mind to the point where you accept fear as part of life and you don’t let it stop you anymore.

To help you do this, take daily steps towards your goals.  Regularly flex your courage muscle to overcome your fear of starting an online business. No step is too small, as long as you are doing it consistently, you will make progress.

I made a promise to myself to make sure that I take at least one step every day towards creating my business. Some days it felt difficult to keep my promise.

It could be a small step like looking at logo designs or writing in my journal about how my business will change my life.

This helped me build the confidence that I needed to keep my dream alive.  I developed the courage to consistently move in the right direction.

Share Your Story to Help Others

When you’ve successfully learned how to deal with and overcome your fear, you’d be able to take that extra step to help others facing fear.  You can share your story of how you overcame fear and the strategies that you used to succeed.

By sharing your story you’ll inspire others to do the same. It’ll be a source of empowerment and inspiration for yourself and others.  Every time I share my story it reminds me of my journey and how far I’ve come.  It helps me stay focused on my goals and celebrate my achievements.

Now I’d love to hear from you!  Imagine conquering your own fears, how are you going to tell that story? 

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