Episode 61: 2021 Reflections and Lessons


What a year! I have mixed feelings about 2021.  I felt the weight of Covid-19 as it continued to restrict our lives. I also went through a couple of challenging personal situations that offered some really good lessons for growth and learning. But also took a lot of energy and time to deal with


  • This is was the second year running my business on a full-time basis.  This is the year were things got real for me past the honeymoon phase
  • I felt that I gave myself the permission to try few things and just go for it.
  • I enjoyed renting an office space for the days that I didn’t feel like working from home
  • Establish partnerships with some of the local service providers such as Invest Ottawa, The City, World Skills and the YMCA supporting their teams and clients.
  • Another big win for me was also revamping my signature program to offer more value, I extended the program to 5 months with optimized coaching not only on business but also on mindset development which I was not able to do in the 12 week program.
  • Hired a growth partner. This was a big win for me because I was on this one woman show for some time and I realized in order to grow further I needed another thinking partner.


So many lessons ….

  • Prioritize  ME time. Being in business of helping people, I find myself that I was putting others needs before my own all the time. I was not being as intentional about planning time to enjoy by myself
  • Time to do more fun things, learn new skills and hobbies and just discover me in a different way.  Looking forward to time with me in 2022
  • Create systems to make my day to day tasks easier.  I realized implementing automation wherever it makes sense can make life so much easier.  Simple thing like sending people the link to your calendar so that they can book time with you was so valuable in cutting the time of going back and forth and scheduling.  This something I’ll be looking to do more of this year
  • Frequent feedback and evaluations.  I felt that the year was going so fast and so many things happening< I didn’t take enough time to evaluate and reflect
  • Bring back the fun! To make sure that I’m having fun with everything that I’m doing.  I don’t want anything to feel like a lot of energy wasted.  I want to rather align and enjoy the process.  If I’m not having fun, then there’s an indication that something is off .

What to expect in 2022


  •  More Mindset, abundance, and mindfulness themes
  • Planning on offering some practical tools that you can implement and add to your toolkit.

Coaching Business:

  • Rolling out mindset mastery E-course again stay tuned for more info on this
  • More workshops, and online events
  • The Boundless Mindset Journal will also be available.  I’m putting the finishing touches on it.  I can’t wait for you to try it and let know your thoughts
  • More collaborations with other WOC professionals, entrepreneurs and agencies

 I feel like this year will be huge … a lot happening! Kids are growing doing their own thing! Super proud   of them.  I’m grateful for everything. I feel blessed and loved.  I’m grateful for you being part of this journey with me. It’s not always perfect, but I do it because I feel I can offer some value. Thank you for receiving and sharing.

Here’s to us! Happy 2022!!!

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