Episode 62: Ditch the New Year’s Resolution


We’re so over with the New year resolutions!

Every year around this time we’re filled with so many mixed emotions that we often feel emotionally defeated. To the point that the whole idea of creating a new year resolution triggers us and brings up so many past disappointments and shame of all the things that we said we were going to do, but never got around to it

I ‘m guilty of this! I remember getting to the point of not even attempting to try because I felt like what’s the point!  I’m never going to do it anyway! And the problem became bigger than the New year resolutions, I stopped trusting myself.  I stopped believing that I will do what I said I was going to do.  I stopped being impeccable with my word.

This only started to change for me when I found a strong why. A strong desire of what I wanted to do.  You see it wasn’t enough to just want to go to the gym because I want to look cute, or start a business because I liked the lifestyle of rich and famous CEOs

No, I had to find something deeper in my goals.  That’s the only thing that truly helped me in the things that I eventually ended up sticking to doing.  And I’m still on that journey of finding deeper meaning for somethings in my life that I haven’t found the consistency to follow-thought.

In addition to finding a deeper meaning to what you want to accomplish for the new year. It’s also important to monitor your progress.

You want to first think about what’s important to you to prioritize this year.  What you focus on, grows.

This is why creating a YES list is so effective.  So what is a yes list?

A  YES list is a list of priorities that you decide to focus on this year.  For example in your YES list, you could have: ·

  •  Health and Wellness
  • Career and Business
  • Finances
  • Relationships
  • Spirituality
  • Adventure
  • Contribution
  • Growth

You want to strengthen your spirituality this year, whatever that means to you.  Put that in your YES list. … etc

Think about how improving in these areas can impact your life.  What does being physically and mentally well mean to you?  How can that enhance your life?

Do that for all the areas in your life

You also want to create a NO list this year in order to become aware of the things that you want to move away from this year so that you have more time and space for the things that are actually helpful to being your best self.

You might put the following in your NO list:

  • Toxic relationships
  • Self-sabotage
  • Lack and scarcity
  • Playing small
  • Negative energy
  • Other

Once you create your Yes and No list, now you decided what you want and what you don’t want in the general sense

So it’s not about going to the gym, it’s about feeling healthy and well.

It’s not about getting that promotion by this time, it’s about advancing in your career.

It’s not about generating certain revenue as an entrepreneur, it’s about being consistent in your growth.

Unlike the traditional New Year’s Resolution, you’re not measuring how many times you went to the gym or how much money you saved, or if you got that promotion of finally created that dream business…

You’re measuring saying YES to your priorities this year

Each day you want to ask yourself, how did I say yes to the things that are important to me?

As you say more YES to your priorities this yes, you start to build health habits and start to feel confident in your progress.  With just one YES, you’re able to impact all areas of your life to improve and move in the right direction.

Create your YES list today and share how you’re inspiring small but important changes in 2022.

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