Episode 8: Starting With Your WHY for Your Business



Why is it important to know your why when you are creating your business?

Simon Sinek talks about the golden circle in his first hugely popular Ted Talk with over 51 million views.  He explains that people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.  He uses Apple as one of his examples, and talks about how Apple is able to communicate their why so effectively.  Which is the reason for Apple’s strong brand loyalty.

So What’s your WHY for starting your business?
If your answer is “To make a lot of money” – That’s not enough!

There’s nothing wrong with wanting a lot of money and luxury things, but your WHY should be part of your purpose, your calling, the gift that you want to offer the world through your business.

Knowing your WHY will give you a sense of purpose and direction.  It will guide your business and allow you to inspire others who resonate with your WHY.  Creating your own tribe –  people that believe in why you do what you do.

Your WHY will sustain you when the going gets tough and doubt starts to set in.  It will give you unwavering commitment to continue on your path of living your purpose through your business.

My WHY helped me gain the courage I needed to walk away from my job and put everything on the line for living my purpose through my business.

My WHY is: Helping ambitious WOC to become an empowering force and launch a lucrative online business they’ll love.

I could’ve chosen any business serving any target market – So why WOC and why Online Business?

The obvious reason is that I am a woman of color.  But more than that is that I can relate deeply with the struggles and the experiences of WOC.   I believe their ability and their potential.  Beyonce says “girls run the world” – WOC are the backbone of the workforce.  We bring so much dedication, hard work, creativity and heart to our jobs.  Yet less than 4% of WOC are in leadership positions.

Why is that? We are often overqualified but yet we’re undervalued and underrepresented in the workplace. We watch the people we train get ahead of us.  We’re lucky if we make it to middle management level, that’s where the glass ceiling becomes so difficult to break!

In addition, we’re exhausted trying to make ourselves “acceptable” by hiding parts of ourselves and identity in the hopes of not making anyone feel uncomfortable.

I believe that WOC deserve more than that! We want to show up big and bold, proud of our culture and identity – That’s the black girl magic!

Having your own business can give you exactly that. You can exercise your unique ability and creativity to establish a business that’s truly you! That lets you gain your freedom to do what you want, when you want and with whom you want!  Gaining your freedom and financial independence – Sharing your gift and being an inspiration to yourself, your family and your community.

That’s my why – What’s yours?


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