Episode 40: Are you Being Left Behind?


We’ve experienced incredible changes and shifts due to Covid 19 in the past year and half. With the lockdowns, the travel restrictions, working from home, dealing with personal and collective loss, the pandemic has been a lot to deal with!

As the world and businesses adopt to these changes and implement ways to stay viable and sustainable in the post Covid 19 era, It’s important that we take this time as individuals and reflect on  what we learned from this experience

Are we using this experience to  benefit us, to pivot and reinvent ourselves?

OR are we just waiting  and hoping things will go back to normal?

The reality is that some of these changes will be more permanent than temporary.  Our perspective has changed in so much  that makes going back to pre Covid norms impossible.

·Some of these changes will include:

  • Working remotely
  • Digitization of businesses
  • Accelerated innovation

As these changes take place, are you reflecting on how they can benefit you?

Are you recognizing opportunities to pivot and reinvent yourself and your business?

It’s important to take this time to slow down and engage in reflection, evaluation and introspection.

If you could design a new path for yourself, a path that’s more inline with your goals, values and dreams, what would it look like?

Take this opportunity to question the pre-Covid norms and create a better norm for yourself moving forward.

Let’s get selfish and choose a path that will serve us better this time.


I’d love to hear from you! How are you transitioning to the post Covid era?

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