Episode 9: How Focussing on One Business Idea at a Time can Help You Succeed


We’ve all been there, you get excited about a business idea, there’s also that project you’ve always been somewhat involved in, and then your friends present you yet another fascinating business idea that they think can go big! How do you just choose one? They’re all so exciting and you see yourself doing well in all of them.  Choosing just one feels like you are giving up in some ways or losing something.

This is an issue so many entrepreneurs face coming-up with so many great ideas all the time, and this is a great thing.  Your mind is active and engaged with the world – inspired about what we can offer to benefit others and contribute to our growth.

Letting go of  some business ideas so that you can focus on just one can feel like you’re giving up on amazing possibilities. So why do we even have to choose only one idea – why can’t we do all of them?

You can, and you should explore all of your business ideas – test them out to see what feels right for you.  But ultimately you should choose just one.

Working on multiple businesses when starting out, will scatter your time, energy and resources.  You will end up not being able to accomplish what you want in any of them.  Furthermore, as long as you are not prioritizing, you are stating to yourself and the universe that you’re not really serious about your business – That you’re just trying a bunch of things and seeing how they turn out.

I’m sure you’ve heard of the expression “less is more” that’s the case here.  Choosing one business idea to focus on when starting out is key to your success and it will help you to:

Prioritize your time, energy and resources
Starting a business will require a lot of your time, energy and resources.  It will take all you’ve got to take it from an idea to launch.  This will be the thing you live and breathe!  Frankly speaking you can do this effectively when you focus on  one business at a time.

Build a reputation for yourself and your brand
If you’re involved in many business/projects/ideas that are unrelated, you will not specialize in anything.  You’ll dilute the value or your brand.  Have you ever noticed those stores that sell everything? You go there when you need something insignificant and it’s just there for you to grab something and you’ll never remember them.  When you’re starting out, you want to create a recognizable brand with a certain value, offering quality products and services.

It’s important to give yourself the permission to try and consider different business ideas.  The more ideas you try the closer you’ll get to the right one that’s perfect for you at this time.

I tried a few businesses myself.  It was great to get the experience and the exposure from each one of them.  They all taught me valuable skills and experience which allowed me to grow personally and professionally.  But It wasn’t until I decided to focus on a one business that I was able to gain the vision and clarity that I needed.  I had to get everything else out of the way, so that I can make my business a top priority.

Now I’d love to hear from you! What steps are you taking to making your business a top priority?



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