Episode 14: Living the Dream with Ifrah Hassan





I had the great pleasure of interviewing Ifrah Hassan who’s a proud Somali Canadian activist turned entrepreneur. She’s the owner of Ifrah’s Essentials and Lifestyle Director 3 with Opulence Global, a Canadian company that specializes in health, fashion, beauty and personal care items and operates in over 200 countries and territories.

After only two years in business, she now leads a team of over 1000 partners and hundreds of their clients in 25 countries and counting. Two months ago, Ifrah left her government job of 10 years and is now earning $35K/ month working from home!

We had a rich conversation about how creating wealth can help our communities and help us reach personal and financial independence.  We talked about the importance of learning to listen to the voice of our inner greatness, how we can overcome fear of failure, and gain the courage to take that first step and just start!

Ifrah’s lifelong mission is to touch millions of lives globally by helping others achieve financial and time freedom as well as live a healthier, happier lifestyles!

Here’s how you can connect with Ifrah:

  • Facebook Business: Ifrah’s Essentials: Independent Lifestyle Advisor
  • Facebook person: Ifrah Sucdi Hassan
  • Instagram: @ifrahott
  • Snapchat: @ifrahott
  • Twitter: @ifrahsucdiott

I’d love to hear from you! How has Ifrah’s story inspired you? What are you taking away?


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