Episode 21: Living The Dream – Lissa Appiah


I had the pleasure of chatting with Lissa Appiah.  Lissa is a Certified Career & Resume Strategist and the founder of WeApply Canada. She offers career coaching, facilitates workshops, and creates career documents equipping mid to senior-level professionals to upgrade their careers and lifestyle.

 Her passion for career development began by writing resumes for friends and family. She then progressed to create a young professional network at a charity where she supported the career progression of 75+ professionals.

In this episode, Lissa shares her entrepreneurial journey and how she went through the transformation of rediscovering herself and what’s important to her.  Lissa also talks about some of the challenges that she had to overcome and advice for new entrepreneurs.

Special gift from Lissa for you:
Free Resume Review Guide: https://bit.ly/3i9mRXw

Connect with Lissa:

This was an inspirational and insightful conversation!  Let  us know what you liked about this episode and your takeaways.

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