Episode 29: Living the Dream – Paula Whitelocke



In this episode, I had the pleasure of interviewing Paula Whitelocke, the owner of the Curly Hair designs.

Paula shares her entrepreneurial journey starting from the age of 13.  in the basement of her parent’s home.  She officially started working at a hair solon at the age of 15.  In 2010, Paula opened her own salon, and in 2014 she began to rebrand Curly Hair Designs.

Paula open’s up about the inspiration behind her brand and the transitions it’s gone through to grow and evolve. Curly Hair Designs fills a gap and provides clients with a comfortable and safe salon that celebrates their hair textures. Today, Paula’s clientele are diverse with their endless varieties of curls, waves, kinks and coils.

Paula is a local icon.  In addition to owning the most sought-after salon for curly hair in the City, she expresses her passion for music and singing as Paula C.   She is also involved in activism and uplifting our community.

She’s someone that chooses to show up authentically.  Being true to herself and expressing herself and all that she does.  I am honoured to have the chance to sit down with Paula and have a get to know her a bit more.  I love what Paula stands for and all that she represents.  She’s such an inspiration!

Here’s how you can get in touch with Paula:

I’d love to hear from you! What inspires you from Paula’s entrepreneurial journey?

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