Episode 43: Living the Dream – Muna Mohammed



In this episode, I had the pleasure of interviewing Muna Mohammed, the founder of Eight50Coffee.
In addition to being an entrepreneur who created multiple successful startups, Muna is a high impact leader with a diverse range of experience in leading Marketing & Branding strategies.

For Muna, Coffee growing is a trade that has been woven into her DNA.  She comes from a long line of coffee farmers and roasters. As a child, her father would recount stories from his childhood in Ethiopia with infectious enthusiasm.

Growing up in Canada, Muna develop ed a fascination with coffee and realized that it was a tradition that she wanted to continue.  The name Eight50Coffee was inspired by The year 850AD signifying not only the origins of coffee but to its history, heritage and a date stamp of the beginning.

Through her brand, Eight50Coffee, Muna redefines the meaning of coffee.  She invites her customers to experience the everyday joys through celebrating daily coffee moments, because each day is a new day to connect with the things that matter the most! Through Coffee, we find our moments.

Connect with Muna:

Love to hear your takeaways from Muna’s story and her mission!


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