Episode 54: Living the Dream – Maureen Mwangi



Have you ever wondered about how to get your product into big box retail stores such as Nordstrom or Sephora?

Meet Maureen Mwangi! She teaches product-based entrepreneurs the sales and marketing strategies they need to scale to multi-million dollar growth with scientific precision – turning beloved product brands into household names.

Maureen grew up in Kenya where entrepreneurship was not the norm. In fact, her mom and dad were the only entrepreneurs she knew.  As a little girl, Maureen listened with fascination as they discussed their product strategies around the dinner table almost every night.  As she got older, she became acutely aware of the financial freedom business ownership afforded her family, along with access to more opportunities.

Maureen quickly learned that the secret to her parents’ business success was the reputable, trustworthy product-based brand they created. While others were taking shortcuts and selling commodities on the cheap, Maureen’s parents focused on developing a reputation that was unparalleled in their market. Her curiosity for building breakout brands became the seed for what would become her voyage overseas in search of higher education in the U.S.

Years later, armed with a Master’s Degree in Marketing, Maureen quickly ascended to leadership and began to build some of America’s most beloved brands – from Lays to Chobani to L’Oreal to Dove. She mastered the billion dollar brand building strategies that most entrepreneurs never have the resources to access, and in doing so, she discovered her zone of genius – the rare ability to connect with a market and turn real data into
brand growth strategies that drive multimillion dollar growth.

Today, Maureen is one of the most sought after brand growth experts because of her unique track record for launching and scaling recognizable brands. She is the creator of Big Brand Academy, The Product Profit Lab, and Startward Consulting.


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