Episode 58: Living the Dream – Dina Omar

Dina is a certified Yoga teacher and Mind and Body therapist. She worked in her yoga practice with a variety of people from every walk of life – from sports athletes and martial artists, to people dealing with depression and addiction. Coupled with her life-long passion for psychology and personal development, she continuously strives to design comprehensive programs to improve well-being and quality of life, such as stress and pain management programs.

Dina’s passion is to weave yoga and its practice and foundational philosophy with her own background in psychology and psychotherapy, to empower her clients and encourage them to be mindful, kind and compassionate, and to tailor comprehensive classes that promote the mental health and recovery of her clients

She adopts a holistic and  integrated approach that combines solid principles from Yoga Therapy (for physical improvement), effective techniques and practices from Cognitive  Behavioural Therapy and other Mindfulness techniques, meditations (for optimum mental health and emotional well-being).  As well as creatively guided imagery and visualization techniques  and progressive relaxation and hypnosis.

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