Episode 56: Living the Dream – Caelen Love



I had the pleasure of interviewing Caelen Love.  A Certified Financial Coach from Montgomery, Al., and the creator of the  Raising Bar Consulting, where your personal finances matter.

At the Raising Bar Consulting,  Caelen helps aspiring female entrepreneurs become the CEO’s of their money and money mindsets.  Caelen has over 15 years of Information Technology and Project Management in the United States Air Force.

After being in the military, and seeing other parts of the world, Caelen realized that personal finances is an important topic that’s often neglected.  She says, “Think about it like this, how many days can you go without spending money?  I want to make sure that we accomplish our financial dreams, and understand how to manage our money effectively”.

In this episode, Caelen shares her entrepreneurial journey, the lessons she learned along the way, and valuable advice for aspiring entrepreneurs.


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