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You want to empower others and become an example of excellence. 

You are meant for this!

But self-doubt stops you.

The idea of marketing, pricing, finding enough customers —all feel too complex.

I feel you. And, I know one thing for sure … 

you’ll suffer more if you don’t listen to the wise part of yourself that’s nudging you to take a leap of faith.

You don’t have to do this alone.

Shake off those fears and make space in your life for what you want most.

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From the Boundless Mindset Podcast

Episode 35: Living The Dream – Suzan Richards

  In this episode, I had the pleasure of interviewing Suzan Richards, also known as  Teachēr Suzan, the Artistic Director of the  Cultural Arts Studio in Ottawa. A school of afro-Caribbean dance and wellness community space. Suzan’s dance journey started early!  At the age of 4, her parents enrolled her at the local community center where

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Episode 34: Getting Paid Doing What You Love

    I remember the first time someone paid me for coaching. I took a picture of the payment and had a moment of celebration.  Even-though the amount was not that big, I just felt like a professional – I’m finally getting paid doing what I love to do – it’s happening! Getting paid

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Episode 33: Will My Business Make Money?

    This is a question that it’s constantly on our minds as we embark on the journey of starting our businesses. Here are three steps that will help you determine if your business has the potential to make money. 1.  Determine if your business has good market You need to identify if your

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Episode 32: The Entrepreneurial Mindset

    As an entrepreneur, your mindset is your biggest asset.  It can either make you, or break you.  Here are 8 essential mindsets for entrepreneurs. Flexibility and adaptability Your ability to pivot and adjust according to what works best for your business will help you sustain your business for long-term success.  Covid-19 is

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Episode 31: Living the Dream – Patrice Lindo

  In this episode, I had the pleasure of chatting with Patrice Lindo, the creator and CEO Career Nomad,  Patrice has over a decade of diverse experience empowering women of color. Through focused and purposeful coaching, she fast-tracks their career progress by helping them learn to effectively navigate and leverage the dynamics of White

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Episode 30: Living the Dream – Deqa Abukar

    I had the pleasure of interviewing Deqa Abukar for this episode. Deqa is a social entrepreneur and the founder of the Swedish initiatives BLING and Womenisa which have hundreds of members and created several leaders. Deqa is passionate about creating change and improving conditions in the suburbs and especially for women.  Her goal is to

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Take 4 Steps to Launch a Lucrative Online Business You’ll Love